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Fox Lake, IL (60020)
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The Western Lake County Amateur Radio Society (WeLCARS) is an amateur radio club based in Fox Lake, Illinois, dedicated to the advancement of amateur radio through experimentation, education, and public service.

WeLCARS is a "general interest" amateur radio club that has members interested in nearly all aspects of the hobby, from HF to VHF, public service, rag chewing, contesting, to building their own antennas and equipment. The club meets the first Friday of every month at a local restaurant named a few days before the meeting on the WeLCARS Yahoo Group and conducts VE testing at the Grant Township Center at 26725 W. Molidor Rd. in Ingleside. Other project meetings and outings are announced on the Yahoo group.

Membership is free and open to anyone. If you're interested, we hope to see you at a meeting or drop us a line at